Scotch Naturals

All Forgiving, Quick Dry Top Coat

$ 15.00

TOP COAT (all forgiving, quick dry)

Scotch Naturals Top Coat, the secret ingredient to a perfect manicure.  This top coat forgives your painting imperfections and will allow your manicure to dry into a smooth, high gloss finish before you can say, "Cheers!"  

  • Say goodbye to smudges.
  • Say goodbye to bed sheet imprints.
  • Say goodbye to heat lamps.
  • Say goodbye to fanning and blowing on your nails.
  • Say goodbye to sitting around for an hour waiting for your nails to dry.
  • Say goodbye to your significant other yelling at you for stinking up the room.

Welcome to the revolution!  This top coat will have you and your salon-quality nails ready to take on the world in five minutes.   


$ 15.00

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