We believe in a world where women don’t have to sacrifice their health to be beautiful and shouldn’t have to choose quality over care. 

Water-based nail polish technology alone wasn’t going to work and harsh chemicals were out of the question.  We just couldn’t bear the thought of plastering our nails with the same chemicals that cover our cars. We knew we would have to crack that scientific code to discover an alternative option and instead of shying away from science, we chose to embrace it.

Our journey has allowed us to work in research and development with the leading polymer chemists to produce what you have always wanted: a safe polish that actually lasts. 

Introducing NaturaLaq™, the world's first and only nature-based nail lacquer.  NaturaLaq positions Scotch Naturals nail lacquers as the purest players in polish.  Our lacquers are 100% free of all phthalates, parabens, and toxins. Our quick drying technology has left out the noxious odors while still allowing for salon-quality elegance and durability.

This dedication is how NaturaLaq was born. And it is NaturaLaq that allows Scotch Naturals to stand for something different: simple beauty — luxurious colors that last as long as a salon manicure without the health concerns.

Cheers to innovation.